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Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Years ago, I was too sick to take care of 3 small children. Exhausted, I asked my friends to babysit so I could go to the doctor. I remember leaving the appointment without an answer or solution. It was then that I decided to use nutrition to heal myself.

Although I had been a dietitian for years, my diet wasn’t great – like most moms, I was living off of “low calorie” fruit snacks, Pirate’s Booty, and the crusts of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I knew I could do better - that I HAD to do better if I was going to care for my children.

On my way home from the doctor, I stopped at the Vitamin Shoppe and looked for “immune support” supplements, then to the grocery store to buy fresh vegetables, coconut oil, and coconut aminos. I’ll never forget that first meal I made as I embarked on my own health journey: vegetables stir-fried in coconut oil and aminos. Nothing special but it was my first step.

The next step was research - lots and lots of research on anti-inflammatory diets. Though I’d been eating a gluten-free diet off and on, I finally understood that food was causing many of my symptoms as a result of inflammation. I committed to trying a Paleo diet - no grains, sugar, dairy, or beans. My body responded well but I could tell I was missing something.

It was after making these diet changes that I discovered the MRT (Mediator Release Test) for food sensitivities. I was definitely intrigued, knowing that food was contributing to my health woes, but even as a dietitian I didn’t know such a test existed!

When I spoke with a dietitian at the lab, I knew immediately that I needed to do the test. Once I received my results, I followed the LEAP (Lifestyle Eating and Performance) diet protocol - an elimination diet designed to calm inflammation and allow the body to heal itself.

Within weeks, I felt better! I had identified foods that contributed to my chronic sore throat (corn), sinusitis (dairy), headaches (soy lecithin, dairy), acne (dairy, wheat), IBS (several) and more… not to mention I lost the last of the “baby weight” I carried post-pregnancy with my third child.

This was my “aha!” moment - helping others heal with food was what I wanted to be doing! Within 6 months of being too sick to take care of my kids, I felt so good that I was determined to open up my own private practice as the “naptime nutritionist” while my toddler napped.

And so I did.

Now, years later, I can tell you that diet change is HARD but it beats the alternative. Most of my clients are sick of being sick, and are ready to commit to serious change. You might be asking yourself: could I eliminate foods I love? To that I ask: are you sick enough to change? Because when you feel better, you’ll know it’s worth it!

Set up a strategy call with me if you’d like to learn more about my MRT LEAP diet programs!


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