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Your Guide to
Meeting Your Macros

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Tracking your macros is the ultimate in self-accountability for fat loss.  It is an extremely effective tool for helping you eat balanced macros in portions appropriate for your needs, based on size, goals and activity level.  

However tracking can be a difficult habit to develop!  If tracking is a hurdle for you and if your goal is optimal health and weight maintenance the Build Your Plate method is a great alternative.


Deciding what's right for you is a choice between GOOD, BETTER and BEST practices:

  • BEST: Tracking and weighing food is better for portion control, more accountability and likely faster results. Good if you have a very specific goal and are on a timeline.

  • BETTER: Tracking without weighing helps you make good decisions and learn how to balance portions, macros.  Good for health improvements, steady weight loss. 

  • GOOD: Plate method gives you more flexibility, less time consuming, and benefits of good nutrition. Is more intuitive, not exact.  Good for health improvements, weight maintenance/loss, traveling, eating out/not preparing own food.


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