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Meet Coach Stacie!

Stacie Haaga is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified LEAP Therapist.   ​


Stacie offers a holistic approach and strives to provide integrative and personalized counseling for nutrition, health, and healing.  She has a Certificate of Training in Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy (IFMNT) for health professionals, a Wellcoaches Health and Wellness Coach certification, and FASTer Way to Fat Loss Coach certification.​

Stacie is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a BS in Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise and she completed her dietetic internship at Virginia Tech's Northern Virginia Internship program in Falls Church, Virginia.

Stacie offers group programs and individual tele-health visits.  Schedule a complimentary strategy call today!​


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A Personalized Approach to Reducing Inflammation.

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Fat Loss Program

We provide weekly meal plans, effective 30-minute workouts, and 1-on-1 coaching tailored to your goals and needs.



It has been a year since I began eating based on my test results and I am so very pleased.  I have lost close to 20 pounds, without counting a single calorie, have decreased symptoms, such as fatigue and brain fog, and have decreased my thyroid medication dosage. My body is healing itself through the food choices that I am making and I’m anxiously awaiting my next round of bloodwork to determine if I can reduce my medication further!  Stacie Haaga’s knowledge, support, and guidance has led me on a path to improved thyroid function and overall health.  With Stacie’s guidance, you too can start on a path to healing!

Stacey, Bluemont

It has been one year since I began my “Healthy Journey” with Stacie.  With her guidance and advice, my food sensitivity results, well thought out and calculated shopping lists, and some new cookbooks, within 2 months I noticed significant changes with my health and digestive issues that had been problems for many years.  Now one year later, I’m ecstatic to report that my digestive issues, monthly cold sores, migraine headaches, fatigue, and my sleep issues are 100% improved.  The “icing on the cake” was the weight loss along the way ~ 17 pounds ~ so my decision to work with Stacie was a “Win ~ Win” Journey for me medically, physically, and emotionally!!   My doctors were also very happy when I shared my journey with them, but were more excited with a recent blood test where cholesterol levels dropped drastically, along with my sugar levels, and the rest of my blood reports were very good.

Cathy, Purcellville

I have suffered for years not knowing if I am truly getting the nutrition I need to grow old strong and healthy. Stacie has coached me on how to use tools in the palm of my hand to learn how to balance protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats so I feel great. I also loved fasting and exercise timetables with her small group. Being in a small coaching group with Stacie was just what I needed. Stacie made time for me 7 days a week and just didn't cheer me on but gave me professional advice how I could improve. So glad that my friend asked me to do this with her. Thanks Stacie!

Caroline, Winchester

I am not someone who has ever “gone on a diet” or joined a weight loss program. I did not eat out much, I ate things on the food pyramid, and I went to the gym. Unfortunately, I was gaining weight, and not feeling very strong. After only one month on the FASTer Way program, though, I have seen huge changes. I am lifting heavier weights, I am motivated to wake up and workout, my clothes are looser, and my body looks healthier. I even know what a “macro” is! I sent my sister a text yesterday with a photo from last month and a photo from yesterday, and she was surprised and said that she was amazed at the change in such a short period of time. Stacie is so genuine and so supportive. She is knowledgable, resourceful, prompt, and caring. I am glad I took this opportunity to make some changes for myself. 

Cathy, Winchester

I am a breast cancer survivor but had let myself go after the surgery, treatments and hormone therapy. The FASTer Way program has given me hope to turn things around and make a healthier lifestyle. I found such great encouragement along the way with Stacie’s coaching and reinforcement that it is okay not to be perfect and simply do the best I can each day. I had confirmation that it is truly working, not only in how I feel, but with my doctors and physical therapist. This is a really thorough program that can help you make yourself a priority and only increase your future, which is priceless! Thank you for showing me how I can build my health again and my increase my life expectancy!

Colleen, New York

Stacie has been wonderful! I have learned a ton and feel like I now have to tools to continue on my journey toward optimal health!

Kara, Winchester