Nutrition Supplements

Years of undiagnosed gut dysfunction can often lead to nutrient deficiencies as a result of not being able to digest and utilize nutrients in your food.  Under these circumstances, our bodies need additional support to heal.  High-quality, professional grade supplements in conjunction with individualized diet therapy can be the final push needed to feel better.

However...not all supplements are created equal!  Many are poorly absorbed and include unnecessary and harmful fillers. I partner with Fullscript dispensary to offer high-quality, hypoallergenic, nutrition support for a variety of symptoms and conditions for men, women and children.  These supplements are intended to support - not replace - a healthy diet to help you achieve optimal health.  

Full script offers professional supplement lines including:

  • Ortho Molecular 

  • Klaire Labs

  • Douglas Labs

  • Pure Encapsulations

  • Metabolic Maintenance 

  • MegaSporebiotic

Additionally, the dispensary offers natural cosmetics, teas, essential oils,

and veterinary supplements for your pets. 

It is most beneficial to work with Stacie to determine your unique, individual supplement needs. A needs assessment and micronutrient deficiency testing is available as one of many services offered by Stacie Haaga, RD. 

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