Success Stories


​After the birth of my second child, 8 and a half years ago, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s disease.  I was placed on Synthroid and over the years, the dosage kept creeping up, along with my overall weight, despite a very active lifestyle. I was not only active with teaching physical education classes, but trained for races such as half marathons, marathons, and adventure races.  About a year and a half ago, I became extremely frustrated and at a routine appointment with my physician, I point blank asked him if there was anything I could do nutritionally to aid my thyroid.  “No” was the response.  So, I began researching. A good friend of mine had started working with Stacie Haaga with much success, so I decided to pursue food sensitivities testing and nutritional counseling.  It has been a year since I began eating based on my test results and I am so very pleased.  I have lost close to 20 pounds, without counting a single calorie, have decreased symptoms, such as fatigue and brain fog, and have decreased my thyroid dosage from 100mcg to 75mcg.  My body is healing itself through the food choices that I am making and I’m anxiously awaiting my next round of bloodwork to determine if I can reduce my medication further!  Stacie Haaga’s knowledge, support, and guidance has led me on a path to improved thyroid function and overall health.  With Stacie’s guidance, you too can start on a path to healing!


Bluemont, Virginia

Thank you, Stacie, for helping me adjust and enhance my diet to manage gestational diabetes and improve not only my overall health, but that of my husband. I was struggling to manage the gestational diabetes with diet to avoid medicine and your advice and practical suggestions helped me to make the healthy choices needed! I appreciate your realistic suggestions and the way you helped educate me along the way. I wholeheartedly recommend Stacie and am so grateful I had her help!


St. Louis, Missouri

I found Stacie through a web search about six months ago.  After years of dieting I had lost the ability to really know just how to eat healthy.    After our first meeting Stacie determined from my health history that I needed to have testing for food sensitivities.  The tests showed numerous food and chemical issues which were probably one of the triggers of my lifelong battle with migraines.  I had just learned to live with having migraines as much as six or all seven days a week.  Six months later I can look back and am amazed at how different I am.  I have actually experienced a month of not one migraine! In addition, I have gained other benefits such as no longer do I battle acne, my hair and skin are much healthier, I have more energy and I have more control over my eating.  If you suffer from systoms that no one can pin-point or you just want to feel better, call Stacie. She is patient, extremely knowledgeable and works hard to find the best solution for you!  You will be very happy you did - it was one of the best decisions I made.


Romney, West Virginia

It has been one year since I began my “Healthy Journey” with Stacie.  With her guidance and advice, my food sensitivity results, well thought out and calculated shopping lists, and some new cookbooks, within 2 months I noticed significant changes with my health and digestive issues that had been problems for many years.  Now one year later, I’m ecstatic to report that my digestive issues, monthly cold sores, migraine headaches, fatigue, and my sleep issues are 100% improved.  The “icing on the cake” was the weight loss along the way ~ 17 pounds ~ so my decision to work with Stacie was a “Win ~ Win” Journey for me medically, physically, and emotionally!!   My doctors were also very happy when I shared my journey with them, but were more excited with a recent blood test where cholesterol levels dropped drastically, along with my sugar levels, and the rest of my blood reports were very good.


Purcellville, Virginia

When I found Stacie I had already eliminated gluten and was following a paleo diet, both of which helped tremendously with my symptoms prior to MRT/LEAP.  So I knew I was onto something but couldn’t figure out the missing pieces or next steps.  After switching to gluten-free/paleo I still had regular, mild gastrointestinal and skin issues. However, what caused me to seek out Stacie was that a few times a year I would have major flare-ups from which I would take almost a month to recover and get back to baseline.  Despite constant, daily internet research about my symptoms and self-experiments I could not identify the cause of the flare-ups.  Now, all of my symptoms before MRT/LEAP are gone and only appear when I have a known problem food or drink.  I’m at my optimal weight and feel strong and healthy.  Another side benefit is I no longer have PMS. I have found life after MRT/LEAP very manageable.  It requires some planning but it doesn’t bother me because it has taken the guesswork out of eating, which used to be a constant source of stress. 


Seattle, Washington

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