Nutrition Therapy

Get started on your journey with a complimentary 15-minute strategy call to discuss your goals and next steps before scheduling your Initial Consult.  The Initial Consult is an in-depth discussion of your unique health history,  during which I'll ask and answer questions, assess your needs, and work with you to set specific goals for your health and well-being.  We'll determine next steps for getting you to where you want to be.  Packages are designed to help you meet your health goals and include an Initial Consult unless otherwise noted.  

Fruits and Vegetables

Food Sensitivity Virtual Program

Ideal for those who are healthy but curious!  This virtual self-paced program is designed to help you identify and address unknown food sensitivities with a whole-foods based dietary approach.  Following the MRT bloodwork, you will have access to a self-guided reintroduction program to help you reduce inflammation and feel your best.  


Includes: MRT Test and access to 8-week virtual program with weekly video trainings and resource materials.

Food Sensitivity Restore Your Health Program

Ideal for those with autoimmune conditions, IBS/IBD, GERD, migraines, Celiac disease, and other inflammatory diseases. This life-changing medical nutrition therapy will get to the root of your symptoms and restore your health and well-being, starting with the gut. 


Includes: 5 counseling sessions (Initial consult plus 4 follow-ups (45-60 minutes each)), 90 days of weekly email support, Mediator Release Test (MRT®), Custom Lifestyle Eating and Performance (LEAP) plan (reintroduction schedule, sample meal ideas and limited recipes). 

Food Sensitivity Diet Reset: Your Ideal Diet Program

Ideal for those who want to jump-start weight loss, improve energy and for otherwise healthy people that want to improve their diets for ultimate health and well-being. This program is a whole-foods based dietary approach based on the best foods for YOU. You'll make meaningful changes to help you be your best.


Includes: 3 counseling sessions, 60 days of weekly email support, Mediator Release Test (MRT®), and custom Lifestyle Eating and Performance (LEAP) diet plan. 

Fat Loss Program

Ideal for those who want to feel healthy and look lean, fit and toned. You want your body to become a pro-fat burner. You want to feel stronger, better, and more confident. You need a solution laid out for you, with lots of support, guidance and accountability along the way.  You need a community, a coach and a program that actually works...for life, not just the next 21 days. 


Includes: 6-week online group nutrition and exercise program with accountability, training and daily support. Register now

 Appointments may be scheduled online and via email.  

There is a $35 Cancellation Fee if less than 12 hours notice given.  

Stacie Haaga, RD, does not accept insurance but a Superbill can be provided if the client wishes to submit for reimbursement.   Cash, check, HSA/FSA, and major credit cards accepted.